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Hotel in mountain village Inaka-ya SAITO

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About this Nohaku

Only here in Tsushima! Enjoy home-made Doburoku

They are the only people in Tsushima that have qualification for Doburoku Sake making. Of course they use the rice they grow. Slightly sweet Dobuguro with low alcohol percentage is very popular among ladies too. Sorube made of Dobuguro is also brilliant.

The very Iberico wild pig! Jibie cuisine is the best, hunted by host father.

There are many trees with acorn in the broad leaf forest of Tsushima. Wild pigs that eat acorn with rich nutrition from forest are Iberico wild pig like Iberico pork. Fatty and soft, it goes very well with Doburogu. Botan hot-pot, spare-lib, grilled meat, deep-fried wild-pig, torched deer meat, etc… with a rich variety of dishes, you can enjoy food no matter how many times you visit.



Rich deep-fried wild-pig

Gorgeously soft spear-lib of wild-pig

“Taishu Soba” making experience – ultimate soba that is the closest to original soba type

Taishu soba maintains traditional and original taste and looks from the time when its cultivation technique was brought to Japan from the Chinese continent. Closet to the original type, Taishu soba has strong and original flavour of soba. Host mother and father who hand-in-hand  grow, process, make and sell soba are soba specialists. Soba making experience is very popular.

Experience to make processed goods like rice cake and steamed bun


Google Street View

Click the arrows on the map! You can check the interior of this Nohaku!

Photo of dishes




Photos of facilities


Facilities and equipments

  • Car part: available (up to 2 cars)
  • Wifi(all rooms are connected to internet with wireless LAN)
  • Dryer
  • Tower
  • Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap
  • Television
  • Air-conditioner

* Please bring things like cloths and tooth brush, as we do not prepare them.

Tourist spots around the accommodation

Warehouse with stone roof everywhere

“Ginzan Shrine” that protects this place where Ginzan used to be.Other tourist spots

  • Grave of emperor Antoku (reference)
  • Natural park with Ayu stock
  • Mount Tatera’s virgin forest
  • Tsushima mountain cats acclimatising station


・Access by car: 30 minutes from Izuhara port. About 1 hour from Tsushima Airport. 2.5 hourse from Hitakatsu port.
・Access by bus: Take bus bound for “Uchiyama, Kunehama, Koutsuki line” from Izuhara, and alight at Kuneinaka. Host family will welcome you at the bus stop.

※Time schedule of bus is here.

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