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About this Nohaku

Mouthwatering fresh fish caught with harpoon!

Fresh fish that host father as diver caught in the sea near his house. At the high season, he catches shells such as Sazae (Turban shell). Fishing-loving son is also a strong force to procure ingredient from the sea. Then host-mother transforms the fresh seafood into spectacular dishes.

Host-father is originally from Hokkaido. Ishidai (Parrotfish) that was alive until just now become Hokkaido cuisine “Chan-Chan Yaki” (fish hot-pot)!

Host-father’s magic-hand massage will rescue you from stiff shoulder!

Host-father runs chiropractic at his house. After receiving his massage, mysteriously, your head and eyes feel light and good. Long-lasting back pain is gone. Attracted by the magic, office K is regular customer of him.


Photos of dishes



Photos of facility

Facilities and equipment

  • Car park: available (1 car in front of house. 2nd one onward can be parked at port 1 min away)
  • Wifi(all rooms accessible to internet with wireless LAN)
  • Dryer
  • Towel
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
  • Television
  • Air-condition

* Please bring things like cloths and tooth brush, as we do not prepare them.

Tourist sites around the accommodation

Please bring things like cloths and tooth brush, as we do not prepare them.

Night view of South Korea from Korea Observation Point

Miuda Beach – one of top 100 Japanese beach

Tomi Battery Ruin – made and deployed in preparation for World War One.

Other tourists sites

  • Tonosaki Park(Stele of Japan-Russia friendship)
  • Nagisa no Yu – Onsen (hot spring)


・Access by car: 2 hours from Izuhara port. 1 hour and 40 min from Tsushima airport. 10 min from Hitakatsu port.
・Access by bus: take Jyukan line bound for Hitakatsu and alight at “Hitakatsu”. You will get free lift from bas stop to the accommodation.
※Bus schedule is here.
・Free lift to accommodation: we can give you free lift from Hitakatsu domestic/international terminal to your accommodation. Please let us know if you want this service.

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