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About this Nohaku

Lunch at Cafe Kiichigo

Cottage-like cafe Kiichigo is just next to your accommodation. Dinner is at this cottage.

Hearty lunch with coffee and pound cake is only ¥1000! No menu, and there is only Osusume lunch only (chef’s recommendation). Home-made salad and soup, favourite Shime-saba (mackerel marinated with vinegar) and Takikomi-gohan (rice cooked with other ingredients), simmered hamburg, etc. very hearty.

Serving you with fish caught by oldest brother and mountain cats’ photos taken by younger brother

Oldest brother is a fisherman, catching brilliant fish.

Younger brother is a mountain cats’ specialist working for Tsushima Wildlife Conservation Centre for a long time. As a professional camera-man, he takes a various kinds of animal photos. Among all, photos of migrating birds are special. Cafe Kiichigo has such photos all over the wall.

Photos of dishes



Photos of facility

Facility and equipment

  • Car park: available (up to 3 cars within host’s premise. From 4th car onward, car park available at free space 1 min away from home).
  • Wifi
  • Dryer
  • Towel
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
  • Television (living room only)
  • Air-condition

* Please bring things like cloths and tooth brush, as we do not prepare them.

Other tourist sites

Tsushima Wildlife Conservation Centre where you can meet Tsushima wild cat Fukuma-kun


Mehoro Dam Horse Park where you can meet Taishuba horse – one of Japan’s original hourse

Mount Mitake – a natural treasure and holy mountain protected as a special animal’s habitat forest

“Stela of handing down” for rice-cultivation. This could be the first place where rice field was created.

Other tourist sites

  • Saozaki Park (Japan’s most north-western stale)
  • Observation point where you can see Korea
  • Sago’s rice field landscape
  • Mount Senbyomaki
  • Tenjintakuzudama Shrine


・Access by car: 1 hour 30 min from Izuhara port. 1 hour 10 min from Tsushima airport. 45 min from Hitakatsu port.
・Access by bus: From Izuhara or airport, take Jyukan line bound for Hitakatsu, and alight at Nita. Or from Hitakatsu, take Jyukan line bound for Izuhara, and alight at Sago. You will be given free lift from the bus stop by your host.
※Bus schedule is here.

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