Minpaku Takeda-ya

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About this Nohaku

Enjoy delicious food at a unique Minpaku!

The minpaku “Takeda-ya” is located in Saka Mine-machi (峰町佐賀). This minpaku has a unique character among other minpaku in Tsushima; they serve not only as a guest house but also as a restaurant “Taketyan”.
The seafood is especially delicious because a fishing port is very near & the master of minpaku is ex-fisherman.  Guests of this minpaku can enjoy Taketyan’s super yummy dishes which is also beloved by local people.

A unique Minpaku in Tsushima, “Takeda-ya”


Guests can enjoy their dinner and breakfast at the restaurant “Taketyan”

The best place for staying with many people or for a long period! Also suitable as a base for going around Tsushima or fishing!

Thanks to its character as a guest house, the facilities are substantial. The guest rooms can contain about 10 people in total. In addition, they also have kitchens and washing machines which guests can use freely. There is a supermarket “DIREX” (ダイレックス) which takes less than 5 minutes to drive from the minpaku. Hence, you can buy some foodstuffs and cook them with yourself!
Takeda-ya is located almost in the center of Tsushima, so this is the best place for going around Tsushima which is long north to south. Why don’t you stay at Takeda-ya for several weeks and go around Tsushima? We also recommend this minpaku for fishing because it would take only 5 minutes or less by walk from the minpaku to a fishing port.

Spacious kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, and other kitchenware


They also have washing machines, so it is suitable for a long stay

The master of minpaku is a pure local! You can learn some secrets spots from him.

Master: Shigeaki

The master of Takeda-ya, Mr. Shigeaki Takeda (武田茂明). He was born and raised in Saka Mine-machi (峰町) where the minpaku is located.
Shigeaki once left Tsushima and worked in Hiroshima prefecture. However, he decided to live by doing what he wanted to and became a fisherman in Tsushima. He also started running minpaku about 10 years ago. In addition to that, he moved his store to the current place in 2018 and started running the restaurant “Taketyan”. That is how he made his dream come true: living by doing what he wants to do.

Shigeaki also knows some secret places in Mine-machi. For example, according to Shigeaki, there is a place in Mine where you can enjoy beautiful scenery which consists of lots of lightning bugs. Let’s ask secret places to Shigeaki and enjoy Mine-machi!

Photos of cuisine



Facility and amenities

  • Car park: available (up to 10 cars)
  • Wifi (all rooms are connected with wireless LAN)
  • Television
  • Desk
  • Air-conditioning
  • Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap
  • Dryer
  • Towel
  • Kitchen, Refrigerator, and other kitchenware (you can use them freely)

* Please bring things like clothes and toothbrush, as we do not prepare them.

Guest Room

Washroom (there are two washrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor)

The washroom on the 2nd floor     The washroom on the 3rd floor

Bathroom (there are two bathrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor)

The bathroom on the 2nd floor     The bathroom on the 3rd floor

Toilet (with a washlet, two toilets on the 2nd and 3rd floor)


Car parking area

There is a private car park with a signboard in the vicinity of the store.

Available activities at this NOHAKU


1 night with 2 meals ¥7,800
1 night with breakfast ¥5,800
1 night no meal ¥5,000

* Experience fee will be charged separately if you wish to experience.
*Alcohol is not included in the above fees.



Address: 501-3, Mine-machi Saka, Tsushima city, Nagasaki prefecture, 817-1412, Japan

Map code: 539 134 507*55

・Access by car

About 1 hour from Izuhara port. About 40 minutes from Tsushima airport. About 1 hour from Hitakatsu port.

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