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About this Nohaku

Nagomi, the nohaku where you can become healthy

More and more people start to think these days that “being healthy” is very important. Because we are busy every day, however, many people tend to overlook their unhealthy dishes and lifestyle. To such people, we recommend Nohaku “Nagomi”! You can become healthy by staying at “Nagomi”!

The master of Nohaku “Nagomi” is Ms. Ryoko Doi (土井良子). She once had run a very popular restaurant in Tsushima for over 30 years. As a skilled cook, Ryoko can make super healthy dishes! For example, it is a unique style of “Nagomi” to use special soup with minerals.
Don’t you think that “if she cares about the health that much, then the taste would be…”? No way! The great point about the dishes of “Nagomi” is to accomplish “very healthy” and “very delicious” at the same time.

the special deep-fried vegetable in Japanese broth

Our best recommendation is a special deep-fried vegetable in Japanese broth. The way of cooking is very simple: frying seasonal vegetables and dip them into a special soup. In spite of its simple way of cooking, the taste is very good! In addition to the nutrition which vegetables originally have, the soup also contains a lot of healthy ingredients. This dish exactly embodies what Ryoko says: “eating delicious food makes people happy!”.

Food is not the only point of uniqueness!

Food is not the only thing which embodies Ryoko’s commitment to health. For example, the shampoo equipped at “Nagomi” is not common but contains minerals. Also, the detergent contains minerals too.

Let’s try the special massage machine

Moreover, “Nagomi” also has its massage machine. The massage machine is not the normal one but an authentic machine which can be used in a real hospital. When you experience this machine, you can feel comfortable pressure on your body and can refresh yourself. It is said that the machine is good for correcting your posture. Please try!

※If you want to try the massage machine, please ask Ryoko directly. You can experience it even if you ask to try this during your stay.

Let’s being relaxed with blooming flowers and the master

In the garden surrounding the house, lots of flowers are blooming. Taking care of flowers has been a longtime hobby of Ryoko and she did this with even larger scale before. Ryoko will teach you her skill and hint of flowers with the activity “Cutting/Planting flowers experience”!

Another selling point of “Nagomi” is the character of Ryoko herself. You might be surprised her inner youth in addition to her looks if you know her real age. Various kinds of people have come to her house to eat her dishes and stay there. We can say that her dishes and her character have been loved by many people.

The name of the Nohaku “Nagomi” comes from the Japanese “Nagamu (和む)” which means “being relaxed”. The reason she named such is she wants to relax ger guests. Why don’t you come here and being relaxed with delicious food, bloomy flowers, health, and Ryoko’s warm hospitality?

Google Street View

Click the arrows on the map! You can check the interior of this Nohaku!

Photos of cuisine



Facility and amenities

  • Car park: available (up to 1 car)
  • Wifi (all rooms are connected with wireless LAN)
  • Television
  • Air-conditioning
  • Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap
  • Dryer
  • Towel
  • Kitchen, Refrigerator
  • Clothes iron

* Please bring things like clothes and toothbrush, as we do not prepare them.

Guest Room




Toilet (with a washlet)

民泊なごみ トイレ

Car parking area

Other shared rooms

dining room



Address: 435-13, Izuhara-machi Kuta, Tsushima city, Nagasaki prefecture, 817-0032, Japan

Map code: 526 048 808*03

・Access by car

About 5 minutes from Izuhara port. About 30 minutes from Tsushima airport. About 2 hours from Hitakatsu port.

・Pickup service

“Nagomi” can give you a pickup service within the area around Izuhara including Izuhara port.
If you want to use the service, please tell us when you make a reservation.

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