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About this Nohaku

Enjoy local cuisines!

Natsumaru (なつまる) locates in a small fisherman town named Ajiro (網代). Thanks to this location, we serve fresh local seafood bought from local people. The host himself also catches seasonal fishes and shellfishes!

We can cook seafood in a variety of styles, for example, sashimi (raw fish) and simmered fish. You would enjoy other Tsushima cuisines like Rokube soup (a noodle made from sweet potato) and Tonchan (pork flavored with a special sauce) as well!

Let’s have a wonderful experience of the sea!

We also serve you some programs related to the sea in Tsushima. In fishing from land, you would catch fish by yourself, and we cook the fish for your dinner! We prepare tools and baits for this program so you can enjoy the program without bringing anything.

You would also cruise in the bay with a small boat owned by the host. Let’s look into the seawater with a special-made glass and find some miracles!

Best place for sightseeing in the north!

Natsumaru has a perfect location for access from Fukuoka and Busan (South Korea) because it locates very near to the Hitakatsu port. The town of Hitakatsu, which is the second-largest city in Tsushima, is also near. Thanks to these facts, our inn is ideal for sightseeing in the northern parts of Tsushima.

*Please note: we have a dog in our inn.

What to see when you visit Natsumaru?

☆Miuda swimming beach (10 mins drive)
Miuda is one of the best beaches in Tsushima.  You would feel an exciting atmosphere with pure sand and clear seawater.



☆Toyo fort ruin (15 mins drive)
Toyo fort was built in the early 1930s by the Japanese army at the time. After World War II, the American troops came and tried to explode it. The fort was too strong, however, that they could not destroy it. Thanks to that, you would still watch and feel how this concrete building was like.

Facilities & Amenities

Max of Occupancy 4 persons
Wi-Fi (Wireless) Available for all rooms
Air conditioner Available
TV Available
Shampoo, Body soap Available
Hair Conditioner Available
Towels Available
Hair dryer Available
Parking 2 vehicles (next to the house)

*Please bring other amenities such as a toothbrush and pajamas.



*The pictures are just an example.


*The pictures are just an example.







Parking(2 vehicles available next to the house)

Surrounding scenery



〒817-1704   516-1 Ajiro, Kami Tsushima-machi, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture

・Map Code

539 837 696*85

・Access by car

120 mins from the Izuhara Port.  90 mins from the Tsushima Airport.  5 mins from the Hitakatsu international port.
Click here for the rental car.

・Access by the public transportation (Bus)

20 mins walk from the Bus stop “Hitakatsu” (Jyukan line of Tsushima Kotsu bus).
1 min walk from the Bus stop “Ajiro” (Hitakatsu/Toshushi line of Tsushima Kotsu bus).
Click here (Japanese) for the Time table and route map.

・Pick-up and Drop-off Service

Available from/to Hitakatsu area.
Please contact us in advance if you want to receive the service.

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