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About this Nohaku

The only tea farm in Tsushima!  Why don’t you try Tsushima tea?

The owner of this inn, Atanse, is the Oishi family. They are running the only tea farm on this island, and their tea receives a high reputation in Japan! When arriving at Atanse, you would enjoy this tea as a welcome drink! You can also have it during dinner time!


Having tea is not the only way to appreciate it! Atanse also serves the tea-making program. In this program, you would make your original tea using the tea leaves of the Oishi tea farm.


Enjoy other programs as well!

Atanse also has cycling and fishing programs!

The inn prepares electric bicycles. Thus, there is no trouble cycling around the path with many ups and downs. Feel the comfortable wind and the calm atmosphere of Tsushima!

*There would be an additional fee when you experience the programs.

We serve fresh Tsushima meals!

Atanse would serve fresh vegetables and seafood of Tsushima! They also use the rice called “Sago rice”; one of the most famous rice brands on the island. You may also have local dishes in Miyagi prefecture since the host is from Miyagi.

Welcome to the nature-rich Sago area!

Atanse locates in the area called “Sago” (佐護), known for its rich nature and Sago rice. “Atanse”, the name of this inn, means “welcome!” in a Sago dialect. Please visit and stay at our inn to enjoy nature, delicious rice, and our original tea!

What to see when you visit Sago?

☆Tsushima Wildlife Conservation Center  (20 mins drive)
This center has an observation of Tsushima leopard cats and other natures in Tsushima. Thus, this place is the best for learning the environment in the island. You would also watch a real Tsushima leopard cat in this center.
*You might not be able to watch the cat because of his condition.

☆Tenjin Takuzutama Shrine (天神多久頭魂神社)   (10 mins drive)
The shrine is known as one of the main places for religion in northern Tsushima. Tsushima people have considered the mountain behind the shrine area as a place for the home of god. Because of this culture, Tenjin Takuzutama Shrine does not have its building.

Facilities & Amenities

Max of Occupancy 6 persons
Wi-Fi (Wireless) Available for all rooms 
Air conditioner Available
TV Available
Shampoo, Body soap Available
Hair Conditioner Available
Towels Available
Hair dryer Available
Parking 2 vehicles (next to the house)

*Please bring other amenities such as toothbrush and pajamas.




*The pictures are just an example.


*The pictures are just an example.




Dining room




Parking(2 vehicles available next to the house)

Scenery around the House



〒817-1603   548 Sago Minamisato, Kamiagata-machi, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture

・Map Code

539 702 138*17

・Access by car

90 mins from the Izuhara Port.  70 mins from the Tsushima Airport.  30 mins from the Hitakatsu international port.
Click here for the rental car.

・Access by the public transportation (Bus)

10 mins walk from the Bus stop “Tatsunokuchi” (Jyukan line of Tsushima Kotsu bus).
Click here (Japanese) for the Time table and route map.

・Pick-up and Drop-off Service

No pick-up / drop-off service available.

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