Etching Experience

Why don't you turn "normal" glass cup into "the only one in the world"? Let's experience the "Etching Process" by spraying sand onto a glass cup and make your own design!

About this activity

What is “Etching”?

Works made by Yuji

The etching is a process drawing designs on many materials by using many methods and tools. Among them, the process which scraping a surface of a material by spraying sand is called “the Sand Blast process”, and the etched glass is called “Etching Glass”.
Mr. Yuji Takeda (武田裕嗣), the teacher of this “Etching Process” experience, is the one who actually made and sold his own “Etching Glass” before. There are still lots of works made by Yuji in his workplace. Some of them make you think “Wow, how can he make these designs on glass…?”. Why don’t you make your own “Etching Glass” with Mr. Yuji, the teacher of etching?

Yuji is the older brother of Mr. Shigeaki Takeda, the master of “Minpaku Takeda-ya”

Let’s make your own “Etching Glass”!

Don’t you think that scraping the surface of glass by spraying sand is difficult? No need to worry! You can enjoy the “Etching Process” experience in a very easy way here. Let me tell you how to do it.

① Decide the design you want to scrape on glass

First of all, you have to decide what design you want to scrape on glass, and then draw it. We also prepare some sample collections of designs, so you can simply select your favorite design from it and cut it out.

You can just cut your favorite design from sample collections!

② Paste the design on a glass cup and cut it out with a cutter

Next, paste the design on a glass cup using double-sided tape. After that, you have to cut out unnecessary parts with a cutter. There is a knack for selecting which parts to cut out, so you should talk with the teacher well before you start.

Be careful not to cut your own hand!

③ Wrap the glass cup with newspaper, except the part you are going to spray sand

After you cut the unnecessary parts with a cutter, wrap the glass cup with the newspaper (except the part you would spray sand on the next step). By doing so, you can prevent the glass cup from being damaged by sand. After this step, now it’s time to spray sand on the glass cup!

 ④ Spray sand on the surface of the glass cup and scrape it!

After these series of steps, now it’s time to spray sand on the glass cup, the main part of this experience. For doing this process, you use a professional machine that Yuji once used for his own work.
The machine looks big and strong but there is no danger at all! Under the guidance of Yuji, you can enjoy it safely. We also prepare masks so you don’t have to worry about accidentally swallowing sand.

Scraping the surface of the glass cup with sand blown out from the machine

⑤ Peel off the newspaper, wash the glass cup and finish!

Finally, peel off the newspaper and wash off the sand from the glass cup.
Finished! You can easily make etching glass with your own.


Things to bring

There is nothing to bring for this program. All materials, tools, etc. are prepared by the minpaku.

About the season and time

・As for the weekday, this program can only be held from evening to night time or, in some cases, unable to be held.
As for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), the program can be held according to your preferred time.  Be sure to tell us that you want to experience this program in advance.

・Please note that there is no air conditioning equipment in the workplace.


Duration 1 ~ 12月
Time required 2 hours ~ 2 hours 30 minutes (depends on what design you want to scrape on a glass cup)
Ages Above the age of 13 (also open for a child above the age of 10 with adults)
Price 3000 Yen/person

*These activities are optional services for guests who stay at NOHAKU (farmstay). Only activities without farmstay are not available.

Nohaku pffering this actibity

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