Gardening experience

Let us teach you how to grow a lot of flowers! Why don't you make your garden full of flowers? You can learn hints of how to grow flowers successfully and how to realize a healthy life.


About this activity

We can teach you how to grow a lot of flowers!


One of the most important items in your garden is “flower”. A garden full of blooming flowers can make you relax and feel good.
“I wish I can grow a beautiful flower garden!”
“But I don’t know how to do it…”
To such people, this “Gardening experience” is an ideal activity. Let’s learn how to grow flowers in the garden where beautiful flowers are in bloom!

Grow more kinds of flowers by “Cutting”!

“Cutting” is one of the common methods of gardening. It is the way of propagating flowers by growing a piece of stem or root cut from the other plants. This method is a very convenient way of propagating flowers. Moreover, the method is an effective way to grow plants which do not have seeds.

Guests can select their favorite kinds of stems from the garden where you do this activity. After that, the teacher would gently teach you how to cut the stem and how to plant it to a new pot. Also, you can bring a stem cut during this program to your home so that you can try what you learn soon after you are back home.

さし芽体験 茎切り   さし芽体験 茎を鉢にさす

Make lots of flowers bloom by “Planting”!

In addition to “cutting”, you can experience “planting” and learn how to do it well!


Planting is an essential part of the gardening when you want to grow flowers by yourself. However, it can be difficult to practice this method at your home because it is hard and expensive to prepare all the needed tools. During this “Planting experience”, all tools including seedlings and pots are prepared by Nohaku. Therefore, you can practice planting very easily.

鉢植え体験 鉢植えのコツをお伝えします!Planting is more complicated than it seems like. For example, it is important to decide which fertilizer to use or decide the order of this method to grow beautiful flowers. By practicing planting through this activity, you can get a hint and realize to grow a beautiful garden at your home!

Things to bring and clothes to wear

All materials, tools, etc. are prepared by the Nohaku.

・Please come in casual clothes which you would not mind getting dirty.

About program fee

You can enjoy “Gardening experience” for free.

However, if you want to bring the flower pot with stems or seedlings planted during the program back to your home, we ask you to pay 300 yen per pot.
Besides, the shipping fee of the pots should be paid by the customers.

About the season you can experience the activity

“Cutting” experience can only be held from April to June and from September to October.

・”Planting” experience can be held all year.


Duration 1 ~ 12月
Time required About 30 minutes ~ 1 hour
Ages Anyone can experience this activity
Price Free ※However, we ask you to pay 300 yen per pot if you want to bring it back to your home. Also, the shipping fee should be paid by the customers.

*These activities are optional services for guests who stay at NOHAKU (farmstay). Only activities without farmstay are not available.

Nohaku pffering this actibity

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