Access to Tsushima

To come to Tsushima, transportation via Fukuoka is convenient.

There are 3 ways to go to Tsushima – ferry, high-speed ship (jetfoil) and air-plain. If you fly, only in 30 minutes to Tsushima! Flight to Tsushima is available from Nagasaki too. It is also possible to enter Tsushima from Busan, Korea by high-speed ship.

access to tsushima





By Air

This is a test sentence. Accessible from Fukuoka Airport and Nagasaki Airport. Looking from above, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Tsushima – sheer natural cliff coastline, Aso Bay consisting of ria coast and countless number of small islands, etc. After sunset, you will be fascinated by innumerable light and fire (for luring fish at night). Refer to this website for the flight timetable.

Fukuoka Airport – Tsushima Yamaneko Airport

Airline ANA, JAL
Frequency 4 round trips a day
Duration of time about 30 minutes one way
Booking website

Nagasaki Airport – Tsushima Yamaneko Airport

Airline ANA
Frequency 4 round trips a day(5 round trips for Friday and Sunday)
Duration of time about 35 minutes one way
Booking website

By Sea

Car ferry and jetfoil (high-speed ship) are available from Hakata port in Fukuoka. It takes about 2.5 hours to Tsushima with Jetfoil, whereas about 5 – 6 hours with ferry, but there are night ferry, with which you can use your time effectively. If you want to save cost, ferry is recommended. If you are lucky, you may be able to see dolphins, whales, and so on so forth.

【 Shipping company:Kyushu Yusen 】

Booking website

Hakata port – Izuhara port

Jetfoil “Venus”

Frequency 2 round trips a day
Duration of time 2 hours 15 minutes one way (via Iki port)

Ferry “Kizuna” and “Chikushi”

Frequency 2 round trips a day
Duration of time 4 hours 40 minutes one way (via Iki port)

Hakata port – Hitakatsu port

Ferry “Genkai”

Frequency 1 round trip a day
Duration of time 5 hours 50 minutes one way

Busan - Tsushima

About 135km from Hakata port – Tsushima by sea, whereas about 39.5km from Busan – Tsushima. You can see how close Tsushima is to South Korea. Only 70 minutes by high-speed ship. Why not drop by Tsushima on your way to trip in Korea?

Transportation in Tsushima

Tsushima is a very big island stretching from North to South about 82km. It takes about 2 hours by car from Hitakatsu port in North to Izuhara port in South. So it takes whole day to visit major tourist sites. Also, public transport is inconvenient, so we recommend you to rent a car for your trip in Tsushima. Nohaku provides pick-up service, but please contact us beforehand, as there is limit in giving a lift.

Renting car

Car renting companies are listed on the website of Tsushima Tourist Association.

Public Transport (Bus)

There are buses making 5 round trips a day along national road between Izuhara (central area of Tsushima) and Hitakatsu in North. You can access to places along the national road with bus, but it is very inconvenient to access to villages where Nohaku and tourist sites. Also, please note that bus does not come so often unlike urban cities.

Transportation company

Pick-up service with Nohaku

For Nohaku, your host of Nohaku can pick you up for free. But, since Tsushima is large, the area of pick-up is limited. We may need you to take public bus to the closest bus stop on national road, and your host will pick you up there. Bus route could be complicated, and it could be hard to tell the bus top name. In that case, if you need pick-up, please let us know of that when you book Nohaku. We will help you with the time of bus and the bus stop to alight.

It does not require permission, nor violate the Road Transportation Act, for people managing Nohaku (Homestay with local experiences) to provide accommodation and local experiences in agriculture, forestry, fishing and so on.