Overview of Organisation

Overview of Organisation

Purpose of activities

We aim to hand natural environment and traditional techniques and culture to the next generation, and realise sustainable society, through raising up people with wisdom and techniques to wisely utilise nature’s gift and with value to thrive for sustainable society. We also aim to conserve environment and vitalise rural areas, by fostering sectors of natural and human resources and thereby creating local employment.

Our activities

Tsushima Green Blue Tourism Association is an organisation that promotes agricultural, fishing and forestry experiences in Tsushima, in line with Nagasaki Nohaku Promotion Policy. In order for many people to enjoy Tsushima’s nature and primary products, and also to learn many things through local and nature life, we provide comprehensive intermediary service for tourism and accommodation.

  • ・Sending information on Tsushima’s agricultural, fishing and forestry experiences and other local, nature experiences.
  • ・Reservation, intermediary and inquiry about Nohaku (homestay with local experience)
  • ・Tour guide and instructor for nature experience, and Intermediary service for them.
  • ・Organising and implementing tour and event that contains Nohaku
  • ・Organising and implementing educational programmes that contains Nohaku and other nature experience.
  • ・Application for starting Nohaku as host.
  • ・Training for members of Nohaku.
  • ・Other businesses and projects related to promotion of green tourism and eco tourism.

Organization profile

Foundation 19 December, 2005
Member 44 members (out of which, 31 houses for Nohaku)
Representative Chairman Tatsuo Itai
Office 3 persons (2 for managing domestic tour. 1 to deal with Korean and English speaking people)
Address 〒817-1533 Shitaru 307, Kamiagata-cho, Tsushima-city, Nagasaki-prefecture
TEL 0920-85-1755
FAX 0920-85-1756
e-mail info@tsushima-gbt.com


  • In 2005, a naturalist Shuji Yunoki successfully got 6 Nohaku houses on board. They launched “Island as Museum Project” to establish “Tsushima-gaku” – to make Tsushima a place to learn.

  • Mr. Yunoki passed away unexpectedly, and the project stopped. Since then, its office moved to Tsushima-City agricultural and forestry Mushroom section. As the new place is public sector, commercialisation and sales were not allowed.

  • In 2014, standardisation of prices and services, safety and sanitation management, etc. were started to proceed in the course of privatising this project.

  • In 2016, this project was privatised.