About Nohaku

About Nohaku
(Homestay with local experience)

Spend time as though you live there.Nohaku trip makes you want to come back again.


Officially, Nohaku means “Guesthouse with agricultural, fishing and forestry experience.” It provides tourists with experiences of local life, agriculture, fishing and forestry at farming/fishing/mountain villages. In other words, Nohaku means homestay/farmstay - locals accommodate visitors in their homes. By doing various daily work together with the host family, you will have heartful interactions with local people. We would like you to enjoy the island life without hesitation.

Based on “Act for the Promotion of Infrastructure Development for Leisure Activities in Rural Areas,” the host families of Nohaku have an official permit of hotel business on the condition of providing guests with agricultural, fishing and/or forestry experience.


Host will welcome you as a member of their family.

make you a member of the families

Unlike Japanese and Western hotels, you will stay with a household who runs agriculture, fishing and/or forestry. You will be welcomed as a member of their family. Such special meet will be your lifetime memory.

A spectacular experience that changes your value awaits you.

An exciting experience to change values

Not only accommodations, but you will also experience the lifestyle of the host family. Please feel and enjoy the traditional ways in their lifestyle through experiencing their work in agriculture, fishing, etc. and trying out their local cuisine.

This is a trip to encounter the real taste of food.

A trip that meets genuine taste

Home-made food that uses a variety of local, fresh ingredients will make the experience extra special. Most ingredients are caught or brought up by the host family. People in Tsushima value and appreciate “Shun (season)” for food. Truly good food at the most seasonal time - such a luxurious life.

Comments from host families


“We are not doing something special. We just make usual dishes using usual vegetables we grow, and talk to our guests. They get very happy. We are very glad to see that.”


“What we feel in doing Nohaku is the importance of ties with people. Since I started Nohaku, I could meet many people from various walks of life, from different places. I feel my world is getting bigger and bigger, as I talk to my guests. I can often learn from my guests. That is one of the best parts of Nohaku.”

Things to take note of in Nohaku

  • Unlike hotels and normal homestay, you will have meals together with your host family. Sometimes, you will clean fish and make local food with your host parent(s) while learning about ingredients and how to make the local cuisine. You will enjoy it a lot.

  • Unlike hotels and normal homestay, we don’t prepare your amenities such as pyjamas, toothbrush and toiletries. Please bring your own. (We can lend towels, soap, shampoo and dryer.)

  • Hosts will not provide nor sell alcohol and soft drinks. Please get them yourself, if you need them.

  • Unlike hotels and normal homestay, host will not change your sheet for Futon (mattress), nor clean your room.

  • Your room is likely to be a traditional Japanese-style - a room of 6-8 tatami mats, and there are usually 2-3 rooms of such side-by-side. There are Fusuma (sliding doors) between rooms, but Fusuma does not have a lock.

  • Since it is homestay, you will live life with your host family. Bathroom and toilet are shared with your host family.

  • Your room will be a separate room, but often the division between your room and your host’s room is just Fusuma (sliding door without lock).

  • The time of meal, bathing and sleep depend on each host family.

Plan and Price

1 night with 2 meals ¥8,580~
1 night with breakfast ¥6,380~
1 night no meal ¥5,500~¥8,800

*Alcohol is not included in the above fees. Either bring it yourself, or buy it please.
*There are discounts for kids and study trips. Please refer to “List of Fee.


  • 7 days – 3 days before first date of stay:20%
  • 2 days – 1 day before first date of stay:50%
  • On the day of stay or no notice about cancellation:100%

*Unlike Japanese and Western hotels, Nohaku is not the main job for the host families. When their house is reserved, the host families spare their time in schedule, which they can use for their main job otherwise. Therefore, we charge in case of cancellation. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Yet, exceptions can be accepted in case of force majeure such as flight/ship cancellation due to bad weather conditions. (But if you inform us after 15 o’clock (15:00), we have to charge 50% of fee, as the host will have prepared your dinner.)

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