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About this Nohaku

Full course of squid! Full of seafood dishes

In front of house is the sea! Their house is at Chiromo area where squid-fishing boats are lined up tightly. Father as squid fisherman, his son as squid prince who process and sell squid, his mother and wife as good chefs: they will warmly welcome you with great teamwork. Especially, the variety of squid dishes is amazing. Starting with sashimi, you will enjoy squid full course such as tenpura, deep-fried, simmer, vinegar-marination, squid mouth, squid eggs, and more. Other than these, there will be lots of local specialties such as noble scallop and turban shell.

Sashimi of squid and octopus

Commonly called “squid roe”

“Mozuku” that were caught at foreshore. With its crispy texture, it is very different from what you can get at supermarket.

Best snack for both kids and dads – flapped squid!

Squid gets hard when it is hanged dry in the sun. We grill it with charcoal, roll and flap it on the stone. Guess what! It becomes not only soft, but also gives much deeper taste. No seasoning, it is only taste out of squid, but you cannot stop your hand. Kids of office K have been eating this flapped squid. Rest assured that it is addictive free, so safe for kids. Mirin version (seasoning with mirin) with sesame is also good. This goes well with alcohol.

You can experience flapped squid making!

Leave it to us for banquet

They run a restaurant “Umigoya Yoshiei” 5 minutes away by car from guest house Yoshiei. Letting guests grill fresh seafood – Hamayaki style. In addition to squid, you can grill and eat dried fish, prawn, octopus, turban shell, noble scallop. Oyster also in winter! We also cook Oden, seafood chanpon noodle and Rokube noodle. It is possible to have banquet, as we have BBQ outdoor venue.

Google Street View

Click the arrows on the map! You can check the interior of this Nohaku!

Photos of dishes



Photos of facility

Facility and equipment

  • Car park: available (2 cars on the premise of the house. 3rd one onward can be parked at port 1 min away)
  • Wifi(all rooms accessible to internet with wireless LAN)
  • Dryer
  • Towel
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
  • Television
  • Air-condition

* Please bring things like cloths and tooth brush, as we do not prepare them.

Tourist sites around the accommodation

“Wadatsumi Shrine” with Ryugyu legend

Other tourist site

  • Chiromo no Renkon (ripple mark)
  • Greater Ginko at Mutsunogozen Shrine


・Access by car: 50 min from Izuhara port. 30 min from Tsushima airport. 1 hour and 10 min from Hitakatsu port.

・Access by bus: take Jyukan line bound for Hitakatsu from Izuhara or Tsushima airport, and alight at “Urasoko”. Or take Jyukan line bound for Izuhara from Hitakatsu, and alight at “Urasoko”.

Host will give you free lift from the bus-stop “Urasoko” to their house.


※Bus schedule is here.

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