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About this Nohaku

Local cuisine when it comes to Nohaku? No no, enjoy Tsushima style creative Italian dishes!

Among the Minpaku houses, this is very unique accommodation “Komoda IL SOGNO”. The reason is food. Dinner being carpaccio with Tsushima’s fresh seafood, rich creamy blue-swimming-crab soup, etc., you can enjoy creative Italian cuisine that you cannot taste at other places.

Blue-swimming-crab soup

Sea Bream Carpacacio

Other than those, you will enjoy Tsushima’s local cuisine “Ishiyaki (grill on stone)” at their garden in summer and wild-pig Sukiyaki in winter.  Many dishes with full of uniqueness.

“Ishiyaki” is Tsushima’s local cuisine BBQ to grill seasonal seafood and vegetable on heated stone. The stone does not break, as it is quartz porphyry strong to heat. The heated stone releases far-infrared ray and

make the fresh ingredients fluffy and juicy.


Elegant time in “rose bath” with just-picked fresh roses. 

The host family sometimes make rose bath when rose blossomed at garden. Rest well with rose’s fragrance and beauty.







Experience to make your original coaster!

At Komoda IL SOGNO, you can experience to make your original coaster. This will be good souvenir.

Photos of cuisine



Photos of facility

Facility and equipment

  • Car park: available (up to 2 cars)
  • Dryer
  • Towel
  • Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap
  • Air conditioner

* Please bring things like cloths and tooth brush, as we do not prepare them.

Tourist spots around the accommodation

Komodahama beach that has the history of Mongolian invasion. Komodahama festival is held every November, and we commemorate the war victims by wearing Samurai amour. 

Komodahama Shrine that commemorate the war victims.

“Shiratake” – one of the Kyushu’s 100 best mountains.

Other tourist spots

  • Birthplace of Wakatasuzuri
  • Shitomi’s Firfly (June)
  • Uemizaka Park


1 night with 2 meals ¥7,800
1 night with breakfast ¥5,800
1 night no meal ¥5,000

* Experience fee will be charged separately if you wish to experience.
*Alcohol is not included in the above fees.


・Access by car: 15 minutes from Izuhara port. 30 minutes from Tsushima port. 2 hours from Hitakatsu port.
・You cannot access here by bus. If it is difficult to rent a car, we can give you free lift to Izuhara, so please let us know beforehand if you need the shuttle service.

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