Fishing Experience (Surf Fishing)

You can enjoy fishing using fishing rod at coast. You can catch a variety of fish according to season such as Aji (Horse Mackerel), Kisu (Japanese Whiting), Kasago (Marbled Rockfish) and so son. Let’s go fishing for your dinner!

About this activity

Enjoyable even if you are beginner

You can enjoy fishing at coast, as the sea of Tsushima is one of the best fishing spots in Japan. In the evening, local moms gather at ports with bucket. Procurement for dinner. You can fish and fill up your bucket in a few hours. Aji (Horse Mackerel), Kisu (Japanese Whiting), if you are an advanced expert, you can enjoy Mizuika (Broad Squid) fishing and Mejina (Greenfish) fishing.

You can catch a variety of fish according to season.

  • Aji (Horse Mackerel): Mid April – November Highest season is June – October
  • Kisu (Japanese Whiting): End July – August
  • Kasago/Arakabu (Marbled Rockfish): all year round
  • Aoriika/Mizuika (Broad Squid): May – June, October
  • Mejina/Kuro (Greenfish): December – February

You can catch other seasonal fish in each season.

We can lend all kinds of fishing tools.

We can lend necessary tools for fishing such as fishing rod, rig, bucket and so on (free). Of course you may bring your own umbrella. Beit may cost (about 500 yen).

Please bring the following with you

  • Cloths that you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Comfortable shoes for sports (sneakers are good enough)
  • Hat
  • Snowsuits (Windcheater etc.)

We can lend raincoat and high-boots, but extra large and small sizes may be not available. So please bring yours with you if necessary. We can pack your fish in a Styrofoam box and send by post to your home. In that case, we will charge the Styrofoam box and shipping fee. You may bring your own cold box.


Duration 1 ~ 12月
Time required About 2 hourse
Ages More than primary school
Price ¥1,500/person

*These activities are optional services for guests who stay at NOHAKU (farmstay). Only activities without farmstay are not available.

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