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About this Nohaku

Delicious asparagus dishes and other local cuisines!

Megumi (恵) locates in Sago (佐護), one of the most nature-rich areas in Tsushima. The host of Megumi has been an asparagus farmer for over 20 years and regularly sells them to a market. Using this fresh vegetable, you would enjoy delicious asparagus dishes in many fashions!

Of course, Megumi uses not only asparagus but also other products of Sago! For example, you would enjoy Sago-rice, the most famous rice in Tsushima. Also, we serve you fresh seafood which we buy from the local fishermen. A combination of “rice” and “Sashimi (raw fish)” is perfect!

Enjoy harvesting asparagus!

You can try harvesting asparagus by staying at Megumi. Through this experience, you would learn how Japanese farmers work to grow their vegetables. We would use the asparagus you harvested for your dinner, and it would be more delicious than usual!

The nature-rich Sago and Tsushima leopard cats

Sago is also famous for the connection between Tsushima leopard cats (ツシマヤマネコ). This nature-rich area, known for its rice production, has a wide area of paddy fields. These fields are a habitat for many animals: the prey for the Tsushima leopard cats (Tsushima-inherit cats). Thus, Sago is an ideal environment for the cats, and you might have more chances to see this wildlife than any other else!

What to see when you visit Sago?

☆Tsushima Wildlife Conservation Center  (20 mins drive)
This center has an observation of Tsushima leopard cats and other natures in Tsushima. Thus, this place is the best for learning the environment in the island. You would also watch a real Tsushima leopard cat in this center.
*You might not be able to watch the cat because of his condition.

☆Tenjin Takuzutama Shrine (天神多久頭魂神社)   (10 mins drive)
The shrine is known as one of the main places for religion in northern Tsushima. Tsushima people have considered the mountain behind the shrine area as a place for the home of god. Because of this culture, Tenjin Takuzutama Shrine does not have its building.

Facilities & Amenities

Max of Occupancy 6 persons
Wi-Fi (Wireless) Available for all rooms 
Air conditioner Available
TV Available (only in dining room)
Shampoo, Body soap Available
Hair Conditioner Available
Towels Available
Hair dryer Available
Parking 2 vehicles (next to the house)

*Please bring other amenities such as toothbrush and pajamas.



*The pictures are just an example.


*The pictures are just an example.




Dining room




Parking  (2 vehicles available)

Surrounding scenery

Available activities at this NOHAKU


1 night with 2 meals ¥8,580
1 night with breakfast ¥6,380
1 night no meal ¥5,500

* Experience fee will be charged separately if you wish to experience.
*Alcohol is not included in the above fees.


  • 7 days – 3 days before first date of stay:20%
  • 2 days – 1 day before first date of stay:50%
  • On the day of stay or no notice about cancellation:100%

*Unlike Japanese and Western hotels, Nohaku is not the main job for the host families. When their house is reserved, the host families spare their time in schedule, which they can use for their main job otherwise. Therefore, we charge in case of cancellation. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Yet, exceptions can be accepted in case of force majeure such as flight/ship cancellation due to bad weather conditions. (But if you inform us after 15 o’clock (15:00), we have to charge 50% of fee, as the host will have prepared your dinner.)

Click here for notes about staying at Nohaku.



〒817-1603   288 Sago Kitasato, Kamiagata-Cho, Tsushima-City, Nagasaki Prefecture

・Map Code

539 761 312*00

・Access by car

90 mins from the Izuhara Port.  80 mins from the Tsushima Airport.  35 mins from the Hitakatsu port.
Click here for the rental car.

・Access by the public transportation (Bus)

40 mins walk from the Bus stop “Sago” (Jyukan line of Tsushima Kotsu bus).
Click here (Japanese) for the Time table and route map.

・Pick-up and Drop-off Service

Available from/to Sago bus stop.

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