Snack/sweets making with grandmas

"Kankoro-mochi" - rice cake made of dried potato and sticky rice mixed, "Botamochi" - rice cake using sesame and Azuki beans, etc., Let's make simple traditional sweets/snack.

About this activity

“Kankoro-mochi” made of popato – simple, natural taste

We call the sliced and dried potato as “Kankoro”. “Kankoro-mochi” is the combination of Kankoro and sticky rice steamed together. Potato’s natural sweetness attracts people. Kids also love it!

Tsushima’s unique “Bota-mochi” – covered with pasted bean paste sauce



When it comes to “Botamochi”, generally, hard-paste bean paste is put around sticky rice ball. But Tsushima’s Botamochi is that bean paste is stewed sauce to be poured on rick cake. Not only bean paste, but also sesame, pea and broad beans are used to make the paste. Tsushima’s Botamochi is enjoyed as afternoon snack during the time of rice planting and harvesting, Buddhist memorial services, celebration, souvenir, and so on.


New texture! “Umushimon” – steamed rice cake without pounding

Far side is rUmushimon made of rice power, and the near side is made of Sen-powder.

Made only in Sago district, north-west part of Tsushima, where many mountain cats inhabit. Using rice cake powder, we steam it, but not pound. Give various colour using things like red food colouring. Umushimon are often used at the event of celebration. At “Ajisai festival” held every June in Sago district, Sago’s grandmothers make a lot of Umushimon. Many people come to this district, looking for the Urushimon.




Experience note on Umushimon making

Things to bring

  • Cloths you don’t mind getting dirty, or apron
  • We will rent all the tools needed for soba-making. If you don’t want soba-powder to get on your cloths, please bring your apron.


Duration 1 ~ 12月
Time required 1時間半程度
Ages どなたでも
Price 1,500円/1人 お土産付き

*These activities are optional services for guests who stay at NOHAKU (farmstay). Only activities without farmstay are not available.

Nohaku pffering this actibity

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