“Taishu Soba” hand-making experience

Taishu Soba has been maintaining its original taste to date. Try Soba-making with soba farmers.

About this activity

Protected Original Taste of Taishu Soba

Tsushima is only 50km away from Busan, Korea, while it is about 140km from Fukuoka, Japan. Closest to the continent, the remoted island of Nagasaki is located near the border. Soba is believed to have been brought to Tsushima from Chinese continent via Korean Peninsula. Given breed improvement has been made nationwide today, Tsushima’s Taishu Soba that maintains its original taste is very valuable. Taishu Soba’s seeds are smaller than that of mainland Japan, but instead, it has strong flavor of original soba. Many soba enthusiasts have evaluated highly on Taishu Soba. Tsushima style is ——-. and to use 100% wide soba powder. You can enjoy unique texture and feeling in your throat, natural fragrance and taste. Check out the roots of soba.

Try Soba making under instruction of soba farmers!

You will stay at soba experts’ house who do from milling to soba-making. You will experience soba-making under the instruction of soba experts. The taste of soba with just-boiled powder made by yourself is absolutely fantastic.

Eat new kind of flavourful soba

Breed improvement has been made for soba in the mainland Japan so that soba grows “faster” and “bigger”. Original Taishu Soba’s harvest period is from the beginning to mid November. After dry season, December is the season for new soba. Since it is small seed, volume is not big, but instead its flavor is rich.

In October, soba flower is fully blossom. Soba flower is the very important honey source for Japanese Honeybee. There are many Japanese Honeybee flying around the soba field.

Things to bring

  • Cloths you don’t mind getting dirty, or apron
  • We will rent all the tools needed for soba-making. If you don’t want soba-powder to get on your cloths, please bring your apron.

With souvenir:

This is 1.5 hours experience from 16:00. You can eat the soba you made, and also can bring it back home as souvenir.


Duration 12 ~ 9月
Time required 1時間半程度(夕食前)About 1.5 hours (before dinner)
Ages More than primary school. *Infants also can attend if parents accompany the kids.
Price ¥1,500/person With souvenir

*These activities are optional services for guests who stay at NOHAKU (farmstay). Only activities without farmstay are not available.

Nohaku pffering this actibity

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