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About this Nohaku

Great care by the host couple! Very popular among students

Host-mother used to be a nurse, and father used to be civil servant. They both well take care of you. Since they are pleased to hang out with students until night, the repeat rate by students is tremendously high (father would be drunk). Father can take you to fishing using his boat with outboard engine, and this is very popular.


Billions of trillions of seafood!

“Touhei” which is  like ghost of eel. 「とうへい」というウナギのお化けみたいな魚。これを使って出汁をとるのが千尋藻流。とうへいの雑煮は、まさに正月の必需品

There are many squid ships at port of Chiromo region. With a large amount of seaweed, there are many turban shell, abalone and sea urchin. Mother has fishing right too, and she goes sea urchin hunting!! Powerful mother cooks local dishes using a variety of seafood.

Popular Seafood BBQ


Mother is a teacher of flower arrangement. Journey to polish your senses!?

Mother provides flower arrangement class at her house’s parlor. People in Tsushima value “season”, and this is applied to flower arrangement.


Google Street View

Click the arrows on the map! You can check the interior of this Nohaku!

Photos of dishes



Photos of facility

Facility and equipment

  • Car park: available (up to 3 cars are in their premise. From 4th car onward, park at open space of car 30 seconds away from home)
  • Wifi(all rooms accessible to wireless LAN internet)
  • Dryer
  • Tower
  • Shampoo, condition, body soap
  • Television
  • Air-condition

* Please bring things like cloths and tooth brush, as we do not prepare them.

Tourist sites around the accommodation

“Eboshidake Observation Point” – you can enjoy watching the marvelous Aso Bay with countless number of islands and ria coast.

“Wadatsumi Shrine” that retains the legend of Ryugu.

Other tourist sites

  • Ripple rocks of Chiromo
  • Rokuonzaki Shrine’s greater ginkgo


・Access by car: 50 min: 50 min from Izuhara port. 30 min from Tsushima airport. 1 hour 10 min from Hitakatsu port.

・Access by bus:From Izuhara or Tsushima airport, take “Jyukan Line” bound for Hitakatsu, and alight at “Urasoko”.

From Hitakatsu, take “Jyukan Line” bound for Izuhara, and alight at “Urasoko”.

Host will give you a free lift from the “Urasoko” bus stop to the accommodation.

※Bus schedule is here.

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