Fruits picking

Tsutsu region, the most southern part of Tsushima, has very vigorous fruits cultivation thanks to its warm climate and moderate sea breeze. Not only deciduous trees such as fig and kiwi, but also various citrus fruits are cultivated. Especially, Tsutsuhira-mikan harvested in December is very fragrant and delicious.

About this activity


Just-picked, extra-large size fresh fig!

Tsutsu’s fruits receive plenty of sunlight and sea breeze that carry rich minerals. Juicy and sweet, Tsutsu’s fruits are very popular in Tsushima. You can find at local direct shops and supermarkets. Most of them are consumed within Tsushima, so you can hardly ever find them outside of the island. Very premium, better try them!


Various fruits are cultivated throughout a year

Very popular Tsutsuhira Mikan. Fragrant and sweet.

  • Navel, kumquat, citrus hassaku (end February – March)
  • Amanatsu Orange (April – early May)
  • Ume/Japanese apricot (end May)
  • Loquat (mid June)
  • Apricot, Japanese plum (end June – early July)
  • Peach (mid July – August)
  • Yuzu (mid August – September)
  • Fig (mid August – early October)
  • Japanese Pear (mid September – October)
  • Persimmon, Kiwi (mid October – November)
  • Mikan orange (end November – early December)
  • Tsutsuhira Mikan (December)

Experience note on pear harvest

Things to bring

  • Cloths you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Athletic shoes
  • Hat
  • Sun cream

We will prepare equipment necessary for fruits harvest such as scissors and bascket. We can lend gloves, but we may not have large and small sizes, so if you need it, please bring it yourself.


Duration 2 ~ 12月
Time required 1時間半程度
Ages どなたでも
Price 1,500円/1人 「早生みかん」「豆酘平みかん」のみ2,000円/1人  いずれもお土産付き

*These activities are optional services for guests who stay at NOHAKU (farmstay). Only activities without farmstay are not available.

Nohaku pffering this actibity

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