Tea Ceremony Experiance

Why don't you take a break with Matcha (green tea)? A mother with master's qualification can gently teach you how to do the tea ceremony. You can also experience it by wearing a yukata.

About this activity

How about taking a short break when you get to the hotel with a matcha green tea?

You must be tired from running on the mountain route of Tsushima with an unfamiliar rental car. Why don’t you relax with tea cakes and green tea?

Would you like to try the tea ceremony of your own? I know you do!

But it seems that the manner is difficult. . . no need to worry! Ms. Midori, a master of tea ceremony, teaches you gently.

First, prepare a tea room.

Then, have a cup of tea made by Ms. Midori. Hmm, delicious!

Don’t worry, she will teach you how to drink it.

Next, let’s make by yourself under the guidance of the teacher!

I don’t think it is a good idea to have delicious sweets and tea by wearing parker. . . After all, if you aim at Insta shine, you should wear a Japanese dress. Please change your clothes to a yukata at this time. We lend you a set of yukata, and we also help you to wear it.

Things to bring

All the tools are prepared by the hotel, so there is nothing you have to bring.


Duration 1 ~ 12月
Time required About 30 Minutes
Ages Anyone
Price ¥300/person (Matcha・Tea cakes Set)
¥600/person (Tea Ceremony Teaching in a Japanese-style room + Matcha・Tea cakes)
¥1000/person (Wearing yukata + Tea Ceremony Teaching in a Japanese-style room + Matcha・Tea cakes)

*These activities are optional services for guests who stay at NOHAKU (farmstay). Only activities without farmstay are not available.

Nohaku pffering this actibity

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