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Minshuku Moriyama

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About this Nohaku

A table filled with seafood. Each food has tips to eat deliciously.

For dinner, lots of seafood are served at the table. Today’s main dish is the pot of Sawara (鰆, Japanese Spanish mackerel).  The fish is soft and easy to collapse. I had only eaten this fish with miso marinated grilled before. However, today I tasted 3 different cooking methods: “raw”, “baked” and “boiled (pot)”.

The pot of Sawara

It was the pot that was particularly surprising. Put plenty of liquor in a clay pot and boil it; then turn on the fire to burn off the alcohol; make Japanese broth from the fishbone alone. I could feel a great smell as soon as I entered the room. And, just before eating, put the fillet in the boiled broth and eat it with the Ponzu sauce without overcooking. (Ponzu sauce is a popular sauce used in Japan made of soy sauce and citrus juices). What a fluffy meat! I have never experienced such a texture!

Besides that, you can see other seafood that you have never heard of before, such as a mantle of a noble scallop. You can enjoy the dinner not only with your tongue but also with your eyes.

A couple who have been interacting with Korea for many years. They are so kind!

A mother who had worked as an assistant of a special support class, and a father who practices diving and civil engineering as a diver. They are so kind! They are so close that they call each other “Tecchan (Father)” and “Haru-chan (Mother)”. The family’s atmosphere makes you feel warm and comfortable.

For many years, they have taken part in the exchange business with Korea.  In Korea, there are more than 100 “daughters” and “sons” who were taken care of by Moriyama family. According to Mr. Moriyama, they sometimes visit Moriyama’s house from Korea.

Mr. and Ms. Moriyama have three children and five grandchildren living away, and they come back on the day off. Some of the grandchildren stay for 4-5 months, so Mr. and Ms. Moriyama are used to treating children. My son also likes them so much, and he says “let’s go there again” repeatedly.

Enjoy your stay with a unique experience

There is the “Mogihama beach” nearby, which attracts you with clear water and natural sandy beach! How about cycling?

The main attraction of the Minshuku Moriyama is the bicycle rental.

In the surrounding area, there are places such as the Great Ginkgo of Kin (琴の大イチョウ); the Koroku Shrine (胡簶神社); and the Mogihama Beach (茂木浜海水浴場),  one of the most beautiful beaches in Tsushima. In the autumn, you can enjoy maple hunting at the “Shushi Momiji Kaido (Shushi Maple Sea-route)” nearby. After sweating with cycling, regain energy with seafood for dinner!

Click here for Cycling

Mogihama Beach which has calm waves and the shallow sandy beach is very popular with children! As there is also a bicycle rental for children at “Minshuku Moriyama”, we also recommend that you stay with your family on a summer vacation and enjoy relaxing in a sea-bathing!

Take a rest with Matcha. You can also experience the Japanese tea ceremony.

In addition to the above, I want you to experience the Japanese tea ceremony. Ms. Midori, a friend of Ms. Moriyama, is a master of a tea ceremony. Let’s have a green tea in the Japanese-style tea room. You can also learn how to make a Japanese green tea, or have a green tea by wearing Yukata.

There is also a menu where you only have tea sweets and green tea, so please feel free to experience it.

Click here for Tea Ceremony Experience

Google Street View

Click the arrows on the map! You can check the interior of this Nohaku!

Photos of cuisine


a mantle of noble scallop

Hijiki seaweed (Tsushima’s special product)

a noble scallop and a squid


Squid sashimi



Photos of facilities

Guest room

Guest room


Toilet (there are two places)

washroom (there are two places)

Japanese-style room for a tea ceremony experience

Wood deck. Also for BBQ in summer !?

Smoking area outside

Facility and amenities

  • Car park: available (up to 4 cars, You can park in the hotel grounds)
  • Wifi (all rooms are connected with wireless LAN)
  • Dryer
  • Towel
  • Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap
  • Television
  • Air-conditioning
  • Kotatsu (a Japanese-style electric heater, winter only)

* Please bring things like clothes and toothbrush, as we do not prepare them.

Tourist spots nearby

● The Mogihama Beach (茂木浜海水浴場)

The biggest beach in Tsushima! The beach with 400m of natural sand.

● The Great Ginkgo of Kin (琴の大銀杏)

The oldest Japanese ginkgo which is said to be 1200-1500 years old.

● The Kinsaki Boardwalk (琴崎遊歩道)

Ideal for trekking! Walk along the unpaved path in the woods to the sea and you will see…!?

Other tourist spots

  • Shushi Momiji Kaido (Shushi Maple Sea-route, 舟志のもみじ海道)
  • Koroku Shrine (胡簶神社, alias “Kinsaki Daimyoujin”)
  • Korokumiko Shrine (胡簶御子神社)
  • Oe Shrine (大江神社)


・Access by car: 1 hour 20 minutes from Izuhara port. About 1 hour from Tsushima Airport. 35 minutes from Hitakatsu port.

・Access by bus:

Take bus bound for Oshika (小鹿) from Hikatasu (比田勝) on Shushi・Oshika line (舟志・小鹿線 ), and alight at Kin (琴).

Your host will welcome you at the bus stop.

Four bus services per day (“Hitakastu (比田勝)” departure: 11:00, 13:10, 16:35, 18:02)

※Time Schedule of bus is here (Japanese). 

・ We also offer pick-up and drop-off to Hitakatsu if you wish.

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