Oroshika no Yado

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About this Nohaku

Enjoy the warm hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Saito!

Mr. Tadahiko Saito and Mrs. Jitsuko Saito

“Oroshika no Yado” is located in Urasoko, Yokoura-machi (豊玉町浦底) which places in the center of Tsushima island.
The minpaku is run by Mr. Tadahiko Saito (齊藤忠彦) and Mrs. Jitsuko Saito (齊藤實子). They were both born and raised in Tsushima and they love to treat guests. Why don’t you enjoy a wonderful stay at “Oroshika no Yado” with warm hospitality by Tadahiko and Jitsuko?

You can stay at an ex-Japanese traditional inn!
Let’s cook traditional Tsushima dishes together in a spacious kitchen!

the spacious kitchen

The house we welcome you as “Oroshika no Yado” is a big house which used to be a traditional Japanese inn. Mr. and Mrs. Saito bought this house for running their Minpaku.



You can enjoy the cooking experience

As an “ex-Japanese traditional inn”, the house has some special features which you cannot see in common Japanese houses. One of the surprising things is the size of the kitchen. The kitchen is so big that you would never see this size of kitchen in a common urban house in Japan.  Why don’t you cook some traditional Tsushima dishes in this wide, spacious kitchen with Mrs. Saito? You can cook many kinds of Tsushima dishes, such as Chirashizushi (ちらしずし), Bota Mochi (a rice ball coated with bean jam or soybean flour, or sesame and salt), Iriyaki (Tsushima-origin Japanese stew) and so on.


One of the best parts of staying in Minpaku is to have dinner with local people. Of course, same in “Oroshika no Yado”! You can have a wonderful time with Mr. and Mrs. Saito. They can teach you about many things: Tsushima, local area, fish, etc. Please enjoy a wonderful time with delicious Tsushima dishes, which you cannot experience when you stay at a hotel.

Mr. Saito is an ex-fisherman! Let’s enjoy “Oroshika bay” together!

The dishes are not the only attractive things of “Oroshika no Yado”. You can enjoy some fishing activities at the “Oroshika bay” which is located in front of the Minpaku.

We prepare some folding chairs so you can enjoy fishing activities comfortably.

Mr. Tadahiko Saito, the owner of the Minpakau, had worked as a fisherman for over 30 years. Moreover, he has loved the ocean almost for his entire life. Let’s go to the Oroshika bay with Tadahiko. You can enjoy a fishing on a boat owned by Tadahiko.

Tadahiko Saito, the man of the ocean     The Oroshika bay

Google Street View

Click the arrows on the map! You can check the interior of this Nohaku!

Photos of cuisine





Facility and amenities

  • Car park: available (up to 2 cars)
  • Television
  • Air-conditioning
  • Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap
  • Dryer
  • Towel
  • Kitchen, Refrigerator
  • Clothes iron
  • Karaoke machine (free)

* Please bring things like clothes and toothbrush, as we do not prepare them.

Guest Room

Washroom (there are two washrooms on the 1st and 2nd floor)

The washroom on the 1st floor     The washroom on the 2nd floor


Toilet (two toilets on the 1st (with a washlet) and 2nd floor)

The toilet on the 1st floor     The toilet on the 2nd floor

Available activities at this NOHAKU


1 night with 2 meals ¥7,800+without tax
1 night with breakfast ¥5,800+without tax
1 night no meal ¥5,000+without tax

* Experience fee will be charged separately if you wish to experience.
*Alcohol is not included in the above fees.


  • 7 days – 3 days before first date of stay:20%
  • 2 days – 1 day before first date of stay:50%
  • On the day of stay or no notice about cancellation:100%

*Unlike Japanese and Western hotels, Nohaku is not the main job for the host families. When their house is reserved, the host families spare their time in schedule, which they can use for their main job otherwise. Therefore, we charge in case of cancellation. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Yet, exceptions can be accepted in case of force majeure such as flight/ship cancellation due to bad weather conditions. (But if you inform us after 15 o’clock (15:00), we have to charge 50% of fee, as the host will have prepared your dinner.)

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Address: 451-3, Toyotama-machi Yokoura, Tsushima city, Nagasaki prefecture, 817-1223, Japan

Map code: 526 777 889*85

・Access by car

About 50 minutes from Izuhara port. About 30 minutes from Tsushima airport. About 1 hour 10 minutes from Hitakatsu port.

* Please be noted that we cannot serve you a pickup service. Guests should go to “Oroshika no Yado” by themselves.

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