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About this Nohaku

“Gondo” is located in the town called Tsusu (豆酘), the southernmost of Tsushima. The couple who owns Gondo is Yoshinori and Reiko, both from Tsushima. They have been welcoming many visitors from all over the world.

Enjoy the fresh seafood and local cuisines !

They serve the freshest, highest-quality seafood.  Yoshinori used to work at the fisherman’s market and has an excellent eye for picking fish.  Thanks to this, the sashimi you would eat is very fresh and delicious! They serve not only fresh seafood but also local cuisines which are healthy and tasty.

Activities – Fishing, local tour and more !

Many activities are available at Gondo; fishing, local cuisines/sweets making, and local guided tours by Yoshinori.

In cuisine-making activities, you would make local cuisines typical of Tsushima and Tsutsu with Reiko, a master of Tsushima cuisines. You would also have an option for making local snacks as well.

Tsushima is well known for fishing, for Japanese people also.  Some Japanese even visit Tsushima just for fishing.  If you do “fishing activities” at Gondo, Yoshinori takes you to a good but unknown spot where only local people know.

If you would like to go sightseeing around Tsushima, he will take you around!  He’s also a member of the association of the tour guide in Tsushima.
*Charges for the guided tour varies the time/place.  Please ask for the details when you make a reservation.

Warm welcomes!

The owner of Gondo, Yoshinori and Reiko are both from Tsutsu and they have been welcoming visitors for more than 10 years.  Please make yourself at home when you visit Gondo!

Historical Tsutsu

Tsutsu is known as the place where old cultures remain. These cultures include the old way of religion (Tendo faith), the events about rice, etc. Also known as a town for fishermen, and it still has a lot of fishing boats in its harbor today.

What to see when you visit Tsutsu?

☆Takuzutama Shrine (多久頭魂神社)  (5 mins by car)
This shrine is considered one of the most prestigious shrines in Tsushima. It has an old forest where local people have believed to be the house of God and you can enjoy a religious and solemn atmosphere.


☆Tsutsuzaki  (15 mins by car)
Tsutsuzaki is the southernmost cape of the island where two straits are separated; the Tsushima Strait and the Korea Strait. This place is also known as one of the best places for fishing because of the current. You can enjoy a good view from here.


Facilities & Amenities

Max of Occupancy 6 persons
Wi-Fi (Wireless) Available for all rooms 
Air conditioner Available
TV Available
Shampoo, Body soap Available
Hair Conditioner Available
Towels Available
Hair dryer Available
Parking 2 vehicles (next to the house)

*Please bring other amenities such as toothbrush and pajamas.



*The pictures are just an example.

*The pictures are just an example.





Living Room

Dining Room




Parking(2 vehicles available next to the house)

Scenery around the House



〒817-0154  2566 Tsutsu, Izuhara-Cho, Tsushima-City, Nagasaki Prefecture

・Map code

850 427 163*71

・Access by car

40 mins from the Izuhara Port.  60 mins from the Tsushima Airport.  2 hours 30 mins from the Hitakatsu port.
Click here for the rental car.

You would find a sign (“Minpaku Gondo”) in front of our house.

・Access by the public transportation (Bus)

5 mins walk from the Bus stop “Tsutsu”.
Click here (Japanese) for the Time table and route map.

・Pick-up and Drop-off Service

Available from/to the airport.
(We charge the actual expenses (Gasoline))

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